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March 2, 2003


Welcome to the newly-redesigned HTML Help Center! If you look at the top of this page, you'll find that the name of the site has been changed to "Help Technology Centre". Hopefully, this name change will result in a drop in the number of requests for assistance with HTML issues for web site design. We generally ignore these anyway ...

You may have already discovered that this site has been completely restructured internally. Any links you've created in the past to any files or pages within the site are now broken. This wasn't done to intentionally break your links! Rather, the site is now simpler to navigate, and the placement of items and information within it make much more sense.

We've also broken down the former constraints of Microsoft's HTML Help technology, reworking this site to cover the major Help systems used with Microsoft's Windows operating system. However, we will certainly pick-and-choose which ones to cover. For example, we won't cover Sun's JavaHelp (which seems to have made few inroads in the Help community) but we will cover eHelp's WebHelp in the HTML Help area of the site if the need arises. And we already have a placeholder for the promised LongHorn Help from Microsoft.

Special thanks to Steve Harned of Bentley Systems, Inc., for helping tweak the dropdown menus.

For a longer list of some of the things we've changed, take a look at the Site News page.

So come on in and have a look around. You'll find all the time-tested material in new areas, plus a few surprises. And as always, there's more on the way.